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Weddings are just better in the country....

We take it for granted every day here at Caliber Oak. The beauty. The privacy. The splendor. A country wedding is really the thing....nobody looking in, no traffic, all focus is on our brides and grooms. We kind of forget that it's this amazing from time to time, but this photograph reminded me of what a sacred and special place this is.

Today's activities have been excellent, and unexpected in some ways! Picked up the beautiful, 1973 Cadillac Fleetwood from Troy's Auto Care in Temple (our beloved Miss Alice) and her new A/C is rocking the frigid-air! She's headed tonight with the Cap to a private ranch to rehearse for a most special wedding tomorrow. Cannot wait! The Egyptian hall table/sign in table got a new coat of finish yesterday, and looks like something in the entry of Sandringham House! Nice. The weather is warming up, but that's what makes flowers grow, so bring it on! Sounds like good weather for a coyote hunt? We'll see!

He's in us and around us every second. Protecting, healing, loving and paving the way. When we fight it, we just end up tired. Let go, and let Him lead you. It's just that easy! Have a great friday, and a wonder-bar weekend! Blessings!

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