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This is me, daydreaming about the awesome Wedding Homecoming Dinner coming in 3 days!

Hard to believe the big day is coming already, and we're so excited! Wedding Homecoming Dinner for our married couples at Caliber Oak is one of our favorite days of the year. We love Easter, we love Christmas, we're pretty much the holiday-ready couple... But WHD is one of the best days of the year! We're looking down the barrel of 79 folks RSVP'd and cannot wait. The tables are up, the linens are pressed, and the food plan is being developed tomorrow! Woooohooo! Can't wait to see all our very, very special brides and grooms!

Otherwise, we're just recovering from the chill. Everything seems to have 'dribbled' properly to avoid damage, but I don't want to be here when the boss gets her heating bill for the 1908 farmhouse from this snap. Snap! Angie made the chapel sparkle for this weekend, and we're tidying up in the afternoons and putting final touches on WHD. We're very excited about A&D's visit here on Saturday, and also can't wait to see the flowers Tammy has designed for the WHD tables. GREAT weekend ahead! 'Course, Cap had his magical massage with Linda this morning down the road, so he's pretty high on life right now!

Trusting Him with everything. Some days, that's easier than others, but letting go and doing it is our only hope and only happiness. Here's to hoping you're letting Him be the Greatest Showman in YOUR life! Blessings!

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