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Sometimes, grooms and photographers maybe shouldn't mingle all that much? :)

So this is what happens when photographers and grooms get past security to the main house. Kind of thug.meets.comedy thing going on here, and John's expression reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire's when she says, "Yo, yo, yo, and a cup a hot co-coa!"... These two are charming, regardless, and they look so nice in their best threads!

Fun week this week with family visiting from Pittsburg, a little Buc-ees time, some dinners out, The Greatest Showman at the theater, etc. Had a wonderful NYE brunch, and even lost money playing LCR with juveniles. (never work with kids or animals, people!) Tomorrow is the big 3Kings3Miler race starting at 8am by St. Joseph's, and we can't wait. The predicted temp for the start is about 2 times warmer than it was last year, and the shirts look amazing! There's still time for you to join us, and the more the merrier! Jeremy from Moore Air is here today checking out the furnaces for the winter so that we'll be nice and toast warm, and we enjoyed our visit with 3 lovely ladies yesterday.

Appreciating each day as it's given to us is so neat. Blessings to all for a wonderful 2018 and great weekend! Muah!

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