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Some times you've just gotta post a photo of the photographers!

These two are smiling pretty wide, but I'm also thinking they're high on cake! Take a look at the size of the piece of cake Yvonne is enjoying, and you'll realize why we don't normally have the groom cut the whole cake! (Sorry, Brad! but at least you were generous!:)). These two were here for Shelley and Brad's very special day and captured some truly amazing images for their memories. A fun pair with lots of laughs, Jennifer and Yvonne are a delight. Jennifer's company, My Photo Gal, does a great deal work here, and is loved by her brides and grooms. We'll let you ladies get back to your cake, now...

Chilly day at the old chapel of love. Stone work being done at the main house and trying to stay indoors. Special guests arriving today from the Great White North, and lots to get done in the next few days.

He's providing, shaping, directing and loving. Like a good movie producer or CEO, and we're thankful for Him! Best wishes to you for the remainder of 2017!

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