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Here at the chapel, we truly ARE only thinking of your happiness, Highness. ..."as you wish&qu

Actually, we DO get to say 'as you wish' quite frequently around here, which is probably why weddings at Caliber Oak are so much fun! DPR and PB (shown here....tiara sold separately...) are a perfect example of a couple who WOULD make the cut at the chapel. Charming, retro, elegant, well-mannered, and certainly cuh-lassy! We look forward to another fairy tale wedding happening here VERY soon... And as usual, it'll be fun 'storming the castle'!

Preparations, details, delight and dream-making.......... That's been the theme for this week. M&J's greatest day is just around the corner, and we're SO excited, AND quite ready, thank you. Elegant linens, priceless china collection, vintage sterling silver, incredible help to make things happen, and even a horseless carriage of 472 cubic inches of Cadillac Fleetwood power! Cannot WAIT! We're already praying and wishing for many years of wedded bliss for these two very special people.

Prayers work. One of the reasons that we don't end up having to advertise for the chapel is that He sends us just the right folks who get us! Blessings to you for the gifts of discernment, compassion and gratitude, dear reader! ...OH, and don't forget about the blessing of mawwhahge!

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