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Ok, they weren't married at the chapel, but it's still a great pic!

Had a smash.a.rooni time in B/CS this weekend(amazingly, our very first trip there - ever!), and loved the G.H.W. Bush 41 museum! This is a great photo from their wedding day, and I'm just a sucker for wedding pics, I guess. (I really should think about getting into the wedding biz....:)) Classy shot, and the yards of satin look mighty excellent on Bar! Love wedding traditions and history.... Can't get enough of it, and am still on the lookout for old, vintage wedding photos for the chapel....

Chapel is being spiffed and polished for the big wedding of (drum roll...) M&J coming up very soon, and we're so very happy for them. Another delightful couple, and they've been a dream to work with, and that makes making their dreams come true an even larger joy for us! Glasses are being polished, tables set up, linens steamed....things are rolling along VERY well. We're also still basking in the glow of the Marlo and George-fest that we had last weekend that was perfection on stilts! Loved every minute of it. The fabulous and talented Deputy Pard will be on hand this weekend to show off his beverage AND shotgun skills (hopefully, not at the same time) and we're also hoping to be able to attend a charity auction. Life is good at the chapel at Caliber Oak! We're also planning a fun 'welcome' party for a certain Coloradoan who's moving to the area, so we're surely not bored. Miss Marian Arnaz makes another appearance this weekend for the wedding, and Hydrangea the BMW is getting new parts and perks this week as well. Miss Alice Fleetwood remains classy, stoic and capable for any weekday travel and is on standby....

He's blessing us every minute of every day. The real joy comes from seeing those blessings, even when they're not exactly what we might have thought we wanted or needed. Here's hoping you receive blessings too large to ignore today! Make it a great one!

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