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Our favorite rose at the chapel...

Our beautiful antique, pink roses aren't quite as showy this year....we think they're rather confused on the weather, but showing promise for some lovely fall color. This is one of our absolute favorite roses, and it's at the main house and here at the chapel. Lovely, abundant and sometimes, even a little fragrant. Always makes our hearts sing to see them in bloom!

Wonderful day at the chapel. Kind of has a Napa Valley feel to the air today, as the major heat source seems to have left, and there's a nice breeze underlying everything. A beautiful day to be out and about! Doesn't happen every day in August, and unfortunately the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is the reason, but we'll take our blessings where we can find them. Very low activity level at the chapel today. Made our lunch while we were down there, but no pressing projects or tasks on the docket, so we're taking it easy. Well, at least I am....Denise is, of course, working away in the parlor! So very much looking forward to seeing Angie and James' house for the very first time this weekend, and also celebrating the planned arrival of the Mastrillibaby! Wooohoo! We can't wait, and know they'll be phenomenal parents. We also get to celebrate the life of Hank Plume this weekend... We'll be busy for sure.

Listening to His guidance is key. He gives us signs, warnings and suggestions. What we do with them makes all the difference. Listen to His guidance in prayer today! You won't be sorry!

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