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Stagecoach Inn, Anyone?

I don't think we've posted this photo yet, but when you go on vacation, you kind of forget stuff. Another outstanding evening with Team Steglich, but this one had a twist! We headed off to the newly refurbished, famous Stagecoach Inn for a tremendous dinner hosted by the aforementioned amazing Griselda and Greg. Outstanding meal, fun opportunity to use the Fleetwood (although she's going in for A/C service since the next morning....not so much) got to see Lisa Hagood, and even ended up at Barrow Brewing. We must have had fun.....Griselda drove the 1973 Cadillac home and did GREAT! What a fun evening, and thanks to GGS&Co., for always taking care of us!

Vacation was amazing. Wedding chapel? What wedding chapel? Be assured, it's still here and we're looking forward to SO MANY visits from brides and grooms this week, it's hard to imagine! Thank you, God! Denise is currently picking up the 3 Amigas from their caretakers (the talented and lovely Ann & Ronny Gray who celebrated their 40th this week!) and Sarah is joining us for supper so that we can catch up. We can't thank her enough for the beautiful work she did while we were gone to keep plants alive. We know the was almost 70 degrees one day in Oregon. Blistering! Also, we could not be more thrilled for Angie and James Barber (Caliber Oak bride and groom!) since they closed on their VERY FIRST house yesterday!!!! Woohoooo! We can't wait to come see it and watch the next chapter in their lives unfold beautifully!

He's protection at all times. Doesn't mean there won't be scratches and dings (that's what makes us unique! :/) but He's loving, protecting, providing, directing and coaching every step of the way. Thank you for everything, Boss. Safe travels, wonderful life and Your love. Have a great rest of the week, y'all!

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