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Studying all that Victor Vasarely in college really paid off! :)

Well, to be honest, I didn't set out to create a masterpiece, but I certainly have! The floor in the chapel kitchen got kinda worn, which was sort of the plan, but the worn looked kind of dingy, was time to freshen the paint. Ace Hardware provided the standard yellow quart and blue quart....slightly darker shades, maybe they'd hide the dirt better, etc. Welllllllllll. Then the Cap gets the idea that he really liked the way the 'glaze' product worked in the other crazy floor project at the main house this summer, and The Boss didn't put her foot down like she probably should have. By the end of the night last night, there was a terrifying, nasty, glazed 'blue hair' tint on the floor that had nothing to do with the kitchen! Never fear. Chardonnay and creativity to the rescue. After being in bed a while, I thought......hey, ...........we've talked about doing some lattice-work spray painting for a while, and I've just messed up another floor project, and I don't want to spend the next 14 hours on my knees making another floor come to life, and....and.......and........... I got up this morning...... Took two old crochet doilies from the cabinet, and with just one trip to Ace for more paint.... Wowza. Almost 3 dimensional. Ethereal. Kind of 1962 linoleum meets Asian wrapping paper, meets Spanish villa with a 'Swiss Miss' kind of Zurich thing thrown in. No matter. Wherever you step in the kitchen, the pattern is clear and then fades into ghostly frosted shadow, and re-appears again. Wow. We love it. Stay tuned for the polyurethane portion of our program tomorrow! Woohoooo!

Made some chicken-fried steak tonight, have some booking sheet to do, but most importantly, deposited George's check from the weekend! Wooohooo x 2! We're looking forward to some truly magical couples and genuinely wonderful weddings in the next 24 months!

He's in the detail. Sometimes you're one person, and sometimes another. You're always His.....but he's made you multifaceted and magnificent. Own it!

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