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Stained glass's summertime!

Well, with more rain than we usually have for this point in the year, the crepe myrtles are doing very well. Love looking out the kitchen window at the chapel and seeing them bloom. Sure sign that summer is here. All is excellent at the chapel, and we're enjoying the summer. Even got to go to Florida last week, so that was great, too! Thankful for air conditioning and our newly booked brides and grooms! Looking forward to seeing more this week!

Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned, and you learn so much about people. It's all part of His plan, however, and no matter how things turn out, when you think you've gotten the short end of the stick, fear not! He's got this, and will make you 'whole' 100 times over! Blessings to all for a day of abundance, grace and forgiveness!

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