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The perfect flower for Father's Day!

The prickly pear flower is one of the most beautiful there is. The prickly pear also is a good reference for Father's Day. Sometimes dad's edge, advice and discipline can be rather 'spiny', but in the end he helps produce amazingly beautiful young flowers. Just take that analogy and run with it, peeps!

Very quiet day at the chapel today. Tomorrow will be far different. Day #1 of preparation for S&J's great adventure. Angie and Sara are helping out this week, and we're looking forward to a wonderful event. Had fun visiting with Sara (2) and Josh yesterday and was able to meet Josh's aunt Beatrice. Fun visit. Front porch posts have been replace and need to be repainted before the weekend, but all will work out beautifully, as always.

Living in a state of thanksgiving. If it's for a warm blanket, air conditioning, a tremendous spouse or just a really good burrito! It's all the same.........He's doing this for us! Blessings to all for a great rest of the weekend and a wonderful next week!

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