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Behind the scenes fun!

Still sifting through our happy visual memories from kitefest, I came across this gem this morning. Denise, our own Dr. Richard and Cindy Cashion and Paula Miller are all preparing, planning and praying about the next day's festival. I believe that either right after this meeting or during, the skies opened up and it poured rain! Praise God that it wasn't that way at all on the next day for the fest. Blue skies and PLENTY of wind! Thank you, Dick, Cindy and Paula for always being so generous with your time, talents and treasures! The event would not have worked without you!

So excited about setting up for K&L's excellent adventure this week, and it's hard to believe it's almost here. It's been so fun watching them grow together and become even more comfortable here. A couple that is clearly good for each other shows, and it's so very wonderful to watch! Fun rehearsal at the chapel yesterday for "A Complete History of Salado Abridged" , which will be a benefit performance for the Salado Historical Society. June 4 at Barrow must be purchased in advance, and there's already rumors of a sellout. Don't wait! I think they're on don't quote me on that. If that doesn't work....hit me up on message on FB or Gary Askins..... ......

Small steps....little's all good. Rome wasn't built in a day...and He will help us succeed at whatever pace is working for us. Blessings to all for a great day filled with God's love!

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