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Can you ever really have too many chandeliers?

Another addition to the 45 acres happened yesterday, now the trick is just getting it up and lit! Coming off an excellent Easter weekend, and the chapel couldn't be lovelier for the upcoming weddings with everything in bloom so beautifully! Kite Fest is almost here, as well, on April 30th, and we're looking forward to visiting with a wonderful bride and groom this weekend, and prepping for a great visit by one of the churches in Austin for a day-retreat next week! Our Apprentice, Sara, actually graduates this week, but we have the feeling we may see her from time to time.

Having a specific place to 'be' emotionally and physically is a good thing for me. I think it really helps the 'flow' as it were. Here's hoping you have some great prayer moments today, even if they're just a few seconds long! Blessings!

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