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Spring has sprung, and it's fun in the sun!

One of our favorite wedding day rides was out and about the last couple of days, stretching her 'legs' in the springtime sunshine! Miss Marian Arnaz rolled not only to dinner at Casa Steglich last night, but also made a trip into town for a little sip of fuel and a leisurely ride into the village. She's running 'fine as wine' and we're so very thankful. She's scheduled for several big wedding days in 2017 and 2018, so she's in tip-top shape. Such a thrill to roll down the road with 500 c.i. of power under that long, crystal blue hood. So many of our wonderful brides and grooms have photos from their big day with her, and it's such a thrill to walk into the homes of our brides and grooms and see the beautiful Eldorado as such an important part of their own memories on display. We've truly been blessed with these 4 wheels!

Did some Easter creating this morning and Cindy and I created two new, updated banners for the big celebration. We'll see where we end up, the last weather report gave me the impression that we may have another Easter at the chapel, but there are plenty of days between now and then and the forecast may change. The forecast that looks GREAT, however, is this weekend's exciting union of Heather and Robert! Clear skies and wonderful sailing into the newest chapter in their lives. We're excited to have Jessica and Sara come to visit tomorrow as part of Sara's Apprenticeship....we'll be setting up for the wedding, and it was also a treat to not only have Sarah Sanderford for a walking partner tonight, but we even got to grill outside and had MASSIVE burgers! Funski!

Prayers continue for a meaningful and complete Lenten season. So many nice reveals have been received regarding thoughtful prayer and intention. May His grace continue in abundance throughout the rest of the year as we watch the weeks of Lent come to a close very soon. Blessings to all for an appreciation and thankfulness for what we all have!

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