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Trellis Roses are back, and very pretty!

If you're a regular follower of this page, you'll know this photo looks almost exactly like a picture from last spring. No matter. How many cool roses can you enjoy in the springtime? Unlimited! One of the only 'red' roses at Caliber Oak, this climber shows itself to be healthy again this year, and greeted guests for Stacie and Larry's wedding beautifully, and will make a lovely showing at the upcoming wedding this week. The pink roses are blooming beautifully, too, and we actually got to sit outside and enjoy them yesterday afternoon at the beginning of our St. Joseph's Kite Fest meeting! Such a great time of year!

New sage and redbuds were planted today, as well as a mandevilla and another belinda's dream rosebush for the main house. Lantana is springing up all over the chapel circle, WAY earlier than in previous years, so that's fun to see. ... Sara Garcia, our wonderful Apprentice for this semester, was here this morning and we prepped for K&B's wonderful wedding. Sara is also going to work the wedding (at least she gets paid for that!) and we're also planning to set up together for the next wedding. She's been an absolute delight to work with, and we're very blessed that the Belton Chamber/UMHB program exists for just this purpose! ... Looking forward to our daily walk tonight, and ready for the pollen to subside just a little. Getting chores done, little by little, and making VERY SLOW progress on taxes! They'll get done on time, but as usual, will probably be postmarked 4/15/17! :)

Some moments are clearer prayer times than others. I took great pleasure last night during a good 30-45 minute period realizing that He's right here, and also asking for specific, large prayers. It felt good, and clearly, I wasn't alone. Thank you, God, for everything you do for the two of us! Blessings to all for a tremendous Tuesday!

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