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Ok, today must REALLY be their final appearance this year?

Well, allegedly, we're going down to 30 degrees tonight, so we'll saying goodbye to the Belinda's Dream blossoms for another year. Although......I'll believe it when I see it... These ladies are TOUGH, and sometimes surprise us with their hardiness and willingness to bloom. We've enjoyed them again this year, and are thankful for their ever-blooming beauty.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Well, we assume the goose is getting fat...haven't seen any lately, either on the ground or overhead. Headed out to Kelly Sander's delightful classroom this morning at Miller Heights Elementary School in Belton this morning to read "Texas Night Before Christmas" and truly had a good time. Did kind of a 'buckaroo' motif with the clothing this morning and it really put me in the cattle-Christmas mood! Wrapped a few gifts after that, and have a special luncheon planned at the main house today. Another blessed, easy, breezy day today with toasty fires, tinsel and love all around. Enjoying one of the later books in the Outlander series on and off, and trying to come up with the bravery to jump in the hot tub today! :)

He's constantly providing. We need to open our hearts and hands and offer thanksgiving. Blessings to all for a warm, cozy and well-fed day and evening!

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