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The vintage collection just gets better and better!

It's such a treat for Miss Denise and I to scour every nook and cranny we can find to collect the neatest vintage china collection pieces for our very special brides for their very special day. Not every bride selects the vintage collection, but every bride has the perfect table/service setting! This new addition to the collection comes to us from England, via Palestine, Texas, and then Canton, Texas! It's W.H. Grindley (one of our absolute favorite manufacturers from about 1900 to 1930. This pattern knocked our socks off, and is called Marlborough Rose Petal Chatsworth. That's a mouthful! We can't wait for the first guest to enjoy this small set of additions for an upcoming wedding. We are truly blessed to have an excuse for our outrageous affinity for vintage china. Our BRIDES! :)

A lovely and quiet day at Caliber Oak today. A little bit of excellent microderm for the Cap this morning at the delightful Youphoria Spa (he's got to look good for the holidays, people!) and a little choir practice this afternoon. Otherwise it looks like a nice night by the fire with the potential to wrap some Christmas gifts....They're currently staring at us from the kitchen table!

Appreciation for gifts of all kinds is a hallmark of our Faith. If it's a condition that turns out to be wellness, a prayer for a friend, or just coming home safely from an outing....they're all His Providence, and appreciation seems the least that we can offer! Have a magical day in preparation for Christmas!

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