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Vintage china & smiling faces all around...

France Photographers captured the elegance and refinement of the vintage collection for dinner at Jessica & Tyler's beautiful wedding. Somewhat of a tradition at the chapel, the vintage china has been collected from over 95 patterns and multiple eras, ranging from the late 1800's to as modern as 1969! We love showing off this magical collection for weddings, and usually are pretty good at knowing which of our brides are going to select it. Every wedding is amazing and beautiful, no matter what they choose. Happy first thanksgiving together to our delightful J&T!

Love the day before turkey day. Preparations, realizations and prayerful reflections. This thanksgiving finds us well and happy, and those are the gifts we are most thankful for of all! Pumpkin pies for the big day are literally in the oven, and this afternoon's activities call for the Fleetwood to be polished to perfection. Looking forward to the day tomorrow (a little Wild Turkey gobble-off, anyone?) and enjoying the beautiful weather, attitude of gratitude and maybe even some Outlander season one this evening!

The prayers of thanksgiving are daily. We're glad there's a holiday for it, but thanksgiving is something that's alive and well within our hearts every day. Blessings abound and our prayer is that each and everyone reading this blog finds their own pool of blessings to offer thanksgiving for today, tomorrow and always.

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