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We bet you were wondering what a catfish cake really looks like!

Well, here it is in full color! What a fun and creative design for our fisherman groom and bride. Not only was the cake cute on the outside, but apparently quite yummy inside. This was from Nicole & Kyle's excellent wedding day, and we even have another new groom who has just booked the chapel with his lovely fiance...and they are fishing folks as well. Kinda makes Cap want to start sniffing around for another party barge?

Rainy morning here at the chapel and the moisture is welcome...since the early part of this fall has been so dry. Continuing with about the second half of setup for J&T's big day and doing a few chores that involve this weekend's melodrama as well.

Being patient, listening for signs, and enjoying every minute. It's interesting how one's perspective on life changes as we age, but I guess that's what they call maturity? Can't wait to get some! Blessings to all for a truly excellent day, and abundance surrounding.

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