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A truly happy pair during their first dance!

We really love the joy in this photo, and it's kind of funny because the 'first dance' almost didn't happen. Apparently, Dillon does NOT dance, and it was going to be awkward, stumbly and clunky. Nay, Nay, I say! It turned out just wonderfully, and the couple looked very elegant! Kelsey's dress was cinderella-esque, and really carried the day. They both looked so sharp during the ceremony and reception. We know they really had a great wedding, and both enjoyed it tremendously. We even got to visit for most of the afternoon yesterday with Kelsey's folks during aftermath pick-up...a most excellent visit! Truly a delightful weekend, and all turned out so great for these two. Looking forward to seeing them soon!

Not much happening at the ol' chapel today. Getting cleaned up, maybe looking doing some table linens, etc. Lying low, since we're off the hook for a few days. Looking forward to a trip to Barrow Brewing later this week, and a couple of other opportunities for fun. Also need to plant some seeds today so that summer doesn't take over before I'm finished!

Capturing and appreciating each moment to the best of our ability is so very important. If it's a first dance or a church service with someone never know when that experience cannot or will not be repeated again. Hold on to your special moments today, and we hope blessings pour forth in your direction. Make it a great one!

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