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What a peaceful place this is for so many.

Sarah took us to supper at Miller's in Belton last night, and it was EXCELLENT! Afterward, we opened a bottle of red wine and enjoyed the evening at Caliber Oak...outside. We were truly reminded how tremendously blessed we are with this very special place and its serenity. Maybe this is one of the reasons our brides are not 'over the top' stressed for their wedding days. There's a certain calm that washes over you out here... We are so thankful to have such a treasure tucked away from the world.

No sitting around enjoying the quiet today, however! :) Lots to do, and folks to see. Johanna & Company come today to visit the chapel and so do Natalie & Lee. Looking forward to both visits, and I'm still setting things up for K&D's great adventure in just a few days. Got some sunflowers planted this morning, and it's wonderful to have Denise working from home today. Big citrus salad planned for supper tonight, and we're even stopping by Barrow Brewing Company to drop off some brochures and talk to Graydon/KD about rehearsal dinners and beer for the chapel. So nice to have a thriving and successful business opening in our special village. Hopefully, we'll get some marigolds planted today, as well!

Waiting for His time. Joel's message last night as we sat on the porch was just that. No matter what we're personally waiting for...He delivers in His time, not ours. Just being as happy as possible in the meantime is the trick, and with that....all is great! Blessings to you for new adventures, opportunities and gifts today!

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