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EVERYONE loved their wedding! Smash!

Their big day really was a smash-hit from moment 1. These two are truly delightful and genuinely fit together just right. Both of them are quick with a smile and a laugh (which is a good foil for Cap's bad humor!) and sincerely fun to be around. Their wedding was no exception. Intimate, genuine, tasteful and relaxed. Just perfect. Our team truly enjoyed making the day even more special, and we all ended the evening with a contented sigh, as we knew we made their wedding special. Rachel's gown was absolutely perfect for her, and Jason's jacket was WAY cool (I kind of need one just like it!). The decor Rachel selected was vintage with pale pink accents, and was 'country club fabulous' all the way around. Dr. Carl Bradley played the sleek grand piano for the ENTIRE wedding and the sound filled the space with elegance and always. The guest for R&J's big adventure were some of the best we've ever had. Again, the word genuine comes to mind, and everyone was so very complimentary and excited for our two heroes. Cap even got about FIVE compliments on how incredible his officiating was .... niiiice! Anyway...congratulations to two wonderful kids! We can't wait to see you at Wedding Homecoming Dinner, Rachel and Jason! ...but you really should come visit before that!

The dust has settled from a most excellent wedding day and in the meantime, we've gotten to see Stephanie from Bouquets Floral, and our dear friend Mary came down to visit yesterday. We hopped in the limousine and headed to St. David's for Compline services and they were wonderful as well. Already planning our next Compline adventure! Today will most likely be all about cleaning, straightening, and getting some chapel linens done. The FUN part is that tomorrow we start setting up for K&D's momentous occasion which is fast approaching. Can't wait! Gonna be another wonderfully blessed week here at Caliber Oak!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.... When OUR plans don't work out the way we want, it's for a reason. At the time you may be mildly irritated that something so simple didn't work out as planned, but THEN something else gets tacked on to the situation, and makes everything wonderful. Isn't THAT Divine Providence? We think so.... Go out there today and open your arms and catch some of that today! Blessings for a great week!

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