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Sometimes, the best ways are the simplest!

We just love the simplicity and sincerity of this directional sign from Laura & Carson's wedding! The urns are fairly new, and really set off the chalk sign so nicely. What a special day with such PERFECT weather....we can't thank God enough for that magical weather display! Love having the roses in bloom, and everything seems so very green and lush. We're supposed to get some more wonderful rain in the next few days, and we'll have an excellent wedding for Rachel & MATTER the precipitation!

Headed down to the chapel for dinner tonight, and have another special one planned for tomorrow night. Whirlwind day today spent in the Village and in Temple. Many thanks to the special team of Kathy Hughes & Missy Angel... They made sure I got checked out right, and got a clean bill of health! Praise God. Baked potato night to celebrate!

Being at BS&W today was yet another reminder of how blessed we are. So many folks have so many larger problems than 99% of us, that it's a reminder of how truly fortunate we are. Thank you, God, for your blessings, healing and strength! Go hug someone right now just because you can! Have a great one!

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