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Clearly THE hottest ticket in town this weekend!

Congratulations to our very own Laura and Carson! The biggest of days on Saturday was outstanding, and went off without a hitch! So much family, so much fun and lots and lots of laughter. The weather could not have been more perfect, after so many days of rain. The food was out of this world, and everyone truly seemed to have an excellent time. The family recipe for the rolls was unspeakably excellent, and we even enjoyed one at brunch today. We were blessed to meet some very special people, and we can see that these two have loving and supportive folks around them who will help them on their journey of life together as husband and wife. Congratulations, again, you two....and come see us soon!

Amazingly, the chapel is already cleaned up and ready for the startup/rampup/setup for this weekend's excellent celebration. R&J's very intimate and special wedding should be one.of.a.kind, and we're already excited about having one of our favorite pianists here for the ceremony! Should truly be special, and we know it will be! Otherwise, just kind of laying low and recovering from the weekend. It was fun seeing everyone this weekend, but it's nice to lay on the bed and mess with your phone sometimes, too! :O Special thanks to our webmeister, Dr. O, for an excellent pano pic posted during the wedding, and his excellent assistance in making the event a success.

Relaxing, not giving into fear, and knowing that He has everything under control... Sometimes this is easier than others, but the more we practice, the better we get at it! Have a wonderful day and week.... Hoping many bountiful blessings come to you!

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