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The Pink-ness of it all is intoxicating!

This has got to be one of the most beautiful times of the year! It seems nearly everything is in bloom, and the nourishing rains just continue. Getting the grass cut is another matter, however, but never an issue since everything always works out wonderfully! Lots getting done today with some new tables on the way, and some setup work for this weekend's grand adventure, and the wedding this weekend is supposed to be a NO RAIN day! Woohoo! We'll say our prayers and see what happens. No matter.....the event will be excellent!

Pretty much stayed inside yesterday with the rain, and it sounds like starting this evening, we'll be back at it. We both love rainy days, however, so it's all good. Even got to bbq on the back porch in the rain the other day, which was a great treat, and an excellent steak. Maybe, we'll even have a cool movie in the mail today...although I think it's too soon?

We can't serve Him if we are in the way. This was made loud and clear to me this morning and something that I'm really going to work on in the very near future. Part of our discipleship has to be availability. Period. Message received! Here's to hoping your personal growth plans in His spirit are fulfilled today! Have a great one!

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