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A Holy Saturday Wedding of Ethereal Beauty!

Abby & Dustin's wedding was a watercolor of beauty, simplicity and love. A long time in the planning, their day came off without a hitch, and the time spent here was truly lovely. They've already had a tremendous honeymoon, and we've heard back from them that all is wonderful in 'married land'! :) Congratulations, again, to our special Abby & Dustin... this photo of them makes me smile...and we're already looking forward to seeing them again soon, AND for Wedding Homecoming Dinner 2017!

Well, genuine progress was made on income taxes yesterday, so there's light at the end of the tunnel! Even had some handiwork done on the 'famous' wedding couple chairs in the great room yesterday, and it's going to give them a few more miles. A few more seeds planted yesterday, and hoping to get our walk in before a special performance tonight. Busy is fun!

Frequently, we're reminded in rather sudden ways how protective and helpfully directive our dear God is for us. Sometimes it's a change of plans in small ways and sometimes it's the people we meet. Thinking from our perspective they're a certain way, and then having Him reveal to us what they're really like! Always an adventure, and we're thankful to always be under the 'protective dome' of His love....that's what makes everything work out! Blessings to you today for protection, healing,and discernment! He will provide wonders again and again!

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