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Their magical day was a 'blast', literally!

What a tremendous day that we had anticipated for so long. Jodi & Jordan had their fairytale wedding here on Saturday, and it was everything we all hoped it would be. Including the first and only "Shotgun Finish" at the end of their vows! Immediately after I pronounced them 'man and wife', two shotguns were prepared for the cross-barrelled discharge to signify their union! Pretty exciting, and REALLY loud! :) Both in rehearsal and during the event, we had a little ear-ringing, but there was nobody here who didn't know we were finished with the ceremony! Congratulations to this lovely pair. Dinner was lovely, everyone danced, and we all had a grand old time. So looking forward to Rena's great photos, as we know they'll be out of this world. The portrait of Jodi on the mantle during the reception of her in the '71 Cadillac is priceless, and so very special. Rock on, you two, and congratulations, again!

Crazy busy weekend with this magical wedding, visitors and such. Not only did we send these two off in 12 and 20 gauge style, Lon, Cathy and Jennifer came to visit to finalize catering for their wedding, and Natalie and Lee booked their big day! We're excited that Heather and Robert are booking their wedding here as well, so the fun just keeps going on and on! Sarah came to visit yesterday, and we got to see her mom and have a great time. Did some gardening (I mostly napped while the girls did it!) had some grub, and even were able to go out to dinner at the end. A perfect Sunday at a perfect place! Thank you, God! Today is all about working on our income taxes! Yikes!

Yesterday's discussions had a distinct theme.... Waiting for HIS time even when we don't want to. Sometimes the answers don't come as quickly as we'd like, but they do come if we're willing to wait. It's all about what we're doing while we're waiting! Are we happy, content, making the best of it, or are we upset and distraught over not having the solution? We get to decide. Blessings to you, dear reader, for a wonderful week of springtime and His amazing gifts!

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