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Belated birthday wishes to our friend!

Sheri Joseph is pitching in around here virtually every week to make sure each bride's special day is truly that. From setting up the room to steaming linens to sometimes working the event...Sheri has put her mark of entertaining experience on each event she's worked through. Many thanks to her (her birthday gift was actually presented on 3/17!) and a very happy, belated birthday. Her gift this year was an 'interactive' gardening basket with the usual seeds, plants, wicker, garden tools, etc... but this year's enetry featured a 'gift certificate' for up to 45 yards of organic soil and free labor to help her create a zinnia garden at her home this spring! What fun, and we're already looking forward to doing that planting together. Again, happy belated birthday to a good friend.

Windy, windy, windy....but it's March, right? Final, final touches on A&D's wedding set up today, with tidying around the chapel and re-arranging chairs and well as picking up things the wind has knocked over outside! :) Headed to town as well for special Easter Sunday ingredients, more bedding flowers, a visit to the antique store, and some other fun. Off to the library as well for a new book or two... Need to stop at the post office, since my cologne from Beverly Hills may be here! After reading a recent book on my favorite president, Ronald Wilson Reagan, I learned that a certain scent was a favorite. Well, there's only one store left anywhere, apparently, that sells it, and the order was made to Carroll & Company in Beverly Hills last week. Looking forward to smelling like a hero for Easter! :) My new easter slacks are here from the famous Cochran, Blair and Potts department store (The OLDEST in really should be shopping there!) so at least my shirt and pants will be new for the big day. Ties away from resale/garage sales are just too pricey, so I'll be wearing an Easter-color classic that I already have for Sunday! Decor originally planned for the main house will be somewhat assembled in the chapel on we'll have a festive day and good food for sure! (I even looked at Easter straw dress hats that I'd been eyeing for a while and they just didn't look right on me...a blessing at $69.99! ...but I'll surely find just the right one for our East Coast adventure this summer!)

Progress. It happens bit by bit...prayer by prayer. He's always providing something new and excellent for us, we just need to be patient and embrace the miracles when they come our way. Many special blessings to you, dear reader, this Maundy Thursday. Please enjoy the blessings He's presented in your path on this special day!

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