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First supper on the new terrace - beautiful!

Totally fun eating our first meal together on the new chapel terrace. Such a lovely evening, and this space is really going to get a workout in upcoming weddings for our special couples. It looks to me like a great place for a guestbook table, cocktail hour, or just plain sitting down and visiting. We are thankful to have it.

Chapel is getting all cleaned up this morning, and let the setup beging for the big event this week! We adore this couple, and they've put a lot of thought into their wedding, the look, and the feel. We love the attention to the asthetic with these two, and they seem absolutely perfect for each other. I mentioned yesterday that creativity is a theme...we get to do the vintage linen overlays that we've enjoyed for parties and another wedding as well. Denise even found some great fabric in the attic of the main house yesterday that's getting woven into the tablescapes for this event. Neat! Doing some gardening today, and hopefully planting my veggie seeds so that they'll be ready at the last frost....whenever THAT is this year! Maybe we've already had it, maybe we havent....hmmmmm.

Taking it a moment at a time, and letting Him direct. Our agenda, our assignments, asking him to help with healing and our thoughts... It's wonderful to be immersed in His Spirit as often as possible. Blessings to each and everyone today for great thoughts, great deeds, and genuine peace.

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