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Does it look like she's having any fun?

Our adorable Melinda truly enjoying a magical reception was such a treat! Jordan Overturf captured a special moment and it truly reflects the carefree fun this wedding represented. Families blended, people danced, and dreams came true. Fabulous party, and their ceremony was absolutely beautiful as well. (I love how Tremaine is just kind of standing back and knowing not to get in the way of the moving parts, here...:)) Many blessings to these two as their life together unfolds more chapters and blessings!

Photoshoot starts in just a few short hours, and we're so looking forward to it. Need to run some errands before then and hopefully, get my daily walk out of the way. Excited to see C&L tonight for their vows finalization. Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity with vows, planning sessions, and fun visits. What a blessing. Hopefully, might even get the little, green MGB washed today, as I've been promising to do that for about 4 days! Supposed to be another tremendous weather day today, so we're planning to enjoy it.

Loving the Lenten journey. Already feeling thinner, healthier and more focused. Thank you, God, for this opportunity to clarify and improve. You alone are the Holy One, for sure! Blessings to all today for healing, improvement and happiness!

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