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Now, that's what I call a SPECIAL couple!

As the wedding homecoming dinner photos from Jennifer start rolling in, we start rolling with laughter! Check out Amanda & Nathan in the bride's room photo booth! Bizarro, for sure, and really a fun shot. The photo booth for WHD was a brilliant idea, and we can't wait to get more of these great shots out here for all to giggle about!

Outstanding visit with our excellent webmaster last evening. Good supper, lots of pre-Lenten wine, and I think he only broke three of my ribs during the wrasslin'-horseplay part of the evening! Yikes, that kid clobbered me, but it was all in good fun and no shots fired! ...Just called Eddy Arnold and ordered our load of decomposed granite and road base so that the new terrace can be finished on Wednesday now that Fred's tractor is fixed. Looking forward to that. Otherwise, gearing up for the beautiful bridal photo shoot here towards the end of the week. It will be so fun to help make that happen. Never a dull moment!

His protection is everything. Without it we would be crushed. Thank you, dear God, for protecting us through all the adventures of life (and some less.than.wise choices)! Also, special prayers going out today to my cousin Francine, who's having hip surgery right now. Bless you, hun!

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