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Happy Birthday, Miss Denise! Roses!?!?!

Well, the chapel's rose population remains prolific for the time being, and we can't remember another of Denise's birthdays where we were actually able to enjoy our own roses for the celebration. January is supposed to get cold, but December was amazing! Happy Birthday, Miss D! We had a wonderful time in Salado Limousine's fine care, and were truly blessed with an excellent evening...

Sounds like we may have a visitor coming in a few short hours to take a look at the chapel for their wedding. I'm also excited to be part of Holland ISD's 'Career Day' again tomorrow where I get to talk about the chapel and all the other bizarre career choices I've been blessed with! :) Before we know it, we'll be setting up for Wedding Homecoming Dinner, which is currently at an amazing 65 in attendance. Sounds like the color theme will be apple green, blue and ivory. Niiiiccce! Can't wait to taste Silvia's magical enchiladas that night! Woohooo! Also, we're so very excited that Emily & John have had their special baby and are doing well. very blessed from about 83,000 directions! Thank you, God!

Enjoying and appreciating every moment are such hallmarks of thankfulness and appreciation that we can show every day. Thank you, Dear Lord, for allowing us the health, abundance and connections that make truly special moments possible. Get out there and ask Him to provide you some special minutes with others today! Make it a good one!


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