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Clearly, photo booths can be dangerous!

Well, we're speechless over this one! Jennifer was kind enough to bring all her photobooth props to wedding homecoming and almost everyone participated. This was one of ours, and I know she's sending us others in the near future. It was a really fun touch for a tremendous night, and everyone seemed to enjoy it! More photos to come in the days ahead to the blog, since I was able to get this one to load. Jennifer is the excellent photographer...I'm kind of the bungling web picture posting dude!

Beautiful day in the neighborhood today, and it's supposed to be 70 degrees! Denise is working from home today, so that makes life all the sweeter. Still have lots of chapel laundry to do...but at least it's off the tables and sprayed for stains! Met with the delightful Stephanie yesterday about her business and the photoshoot we have planned out here. Truly connected beautifully, and clearly a great person. Can't wait to do the shoot and see the's always so fun! AND she says the model for the shoot looks Irish, so I'm totally in!

Processing, learning, listening... Lots of times, He doesn't reveal complete truths about people and situations right away...and then allows us the time to work through it and give us 'hints' along the way until genuine solutions/understandings are figured out. We love working with the ultimate Teacher, and are thankful for every minute of this glorious life! Here's wishing you the gift of processing today to come to an even better understanding of a gift He's given you!


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