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Kind of an interesting little picture, non?

Well, everyone with a smartphone thinks they're a photographer...and I guess I'm guilty of that, but what I really love is that it allows you to capture an image you otherwise wouldn't at odd moments during the day. This photo is of the kitchen floor in the chapel with the strong sunshine coming through the stained glass window above the sink. It really struck me as kinda neat, so naturally, I quickly snapped it. As Madonna sings in "Vogue".... "Beauty's where you find it!"

The weather has turned chilly today, but work continues on the little entry courtyard terrace. Also working on mulching rosebeds today....and it's still a miracle that we have pretty pink roses on the bushes on January 26! Never before in our memory! Still getting so many wonderful comments about wedding homecoming dinner, and Jennifer says the video is amazing. We've got some sneak shots that we'll be posting on the website as well. Still have linens to wash from the big dinner, but tidying up is coming along slowly but surely.

Having folks to pray for is such a blessing. It's a comfort to pray for ourselves, but we truly love it when we can offer up a loved-one in prayer for a specific reason or just for no reason at all! Thank you, God, for listening, caring and providing. Have you prayed for someone special today?Have an excellent tuesday!


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