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Such a special moment on a special day!

We love this photo of Tristan on her wedding day, dancing with her daddy, Clarence. A special moment between the two of them, and it shows. We're sorry that it's not going to work out to see Tristan and Shawn at Wedding Homecomming dinner, but we're planning to have a group supper out here soon... Congratulations, again, Trisan & Shawn!

Chilly out there today, but that won't stop the United States Army's Finest from coming out and target shooting later today... We've also got a special visitor coming to see the chapel for a possible wedding venue, and we're putting the final touches and sprinkles on tomorrow evening's wedding homecoming dinner. We just love this day each year!

Adjustments must sometimes be made...but it's always with Him providing the guidance and particulars... Folks are in our lives for seasons, reasons, and forever.... All are valued, but each has a purpose. Praying today for his continued discernment and love.... Get out there and bless somebody today!


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