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One of the best bridal photos here ever!

Jennifer Simmons has outdone herself at the My Photo Gal studios. This photo of Laura during her bridal portrait day is absolutely breathtaking. The color saturation, positioning, elements and beauty are everywhere! Sheri Joseph's birthday vase was on display from Denise's tea, and everything came together so beautifully. Is that the fabu.lus '73 Fleetwood Broughham I see sunning herself in the drive? We were so thrilled that Laura was the very first bride to be photographed in the 'new' Fleetwood! Lots more photos of this beautiful bride to come. Congratulations on beautiful work, Jennifer! And we so look forward to having you here for Wedding Homecoming Dinner!

Well, speaking of WHD, all invitations are addressed up to the 2015 weddings! Only a couple of dozen to go, and they'll all be out the door. We're hoping for a great showing this year, and it already looks like that'll happen. We've got the food all set, cake ordered, flowers prelim-ed, so all looks like a major :GO:! Did a little tidying at the chapel this morning with more work to be done, but it's kind of nice having a break right now from 'having' to get things done on a time all of you know....The Cap is so stressed, that it's nice for him to have a break. (blush)

Prayers were answered on a dear friend's medical condition yesterday, and His goodness and abundance continue. We all must appreciate every minute we can and enjoy them in His service. Blessings to you for a genuine Christmas of memories and love.

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