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Can 4 people REALLY fit in that room?

It was a squeeze (especially with Cap's hat!) but we all got into the cork-walled bathroom at the chapel for M&M@2 on Monday night. Lots of fun photos of such a great couple, and new memories made. Allegedly, the gentlemen in this photo are going to do a little .44 magnum work this weekend.... We are also so excited that they're able to be at Wedding Homecoming Dinner this year!

We are so blessed, and clearly know how to have a good time! We also want to thank Missy Angel for the selfie stick, which made this photo possible!

Absolutely no work done at the chapel yesterday, but I REALLY need to get on those linens that are staring me in the face when I go down there. You get lazy when you have a weekend without a wedding, and then find yourself scrambling to catch up the next week! Hey, but at least I've got an easy commute! :) The weather is so very pleasant, and rumor has it that it will be 75 degrees at the chapel on Christmas Day. What?!!??

Rolling along. Taking every minute as He gives it. Knowing even better and more blessed things are coming, while you're greatly thankful for the blessings you have. Love our Lord and Savior! Did you hug a soldier yesterday? I hope so! Have a wonderful day.

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