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Now THIS is a chalkboard masterpiece!

Ok, my first favorite thing about this work of art is that yours truly is mentioned as officiant :) Loved it! The board is amazing...perfect shape, size, and such beautiful artwork involved in such a readable format. Kudos to Melinda and Swoon for making this happen. What a sharp look and it really helps folks to know what's going on. There were two other signs for beverage choices and menu....and they were very cool as well.

Active at the chapel this afternoon. Chair covers being steamed, glasses being prepared, tables being set-up, etc. Everything is beautifully on scheduled for the next wonderful wedding we are blessed to help host. The weather is supposed to be great for this weekend...or at least it was the last time I looked. We have been so very blessed with an amazing December so far! Sunny, warm and beautiful. Thank you, God!

Finding special friends that last a long time is such a precious gift. We were blessed to have our 'Christmas' with such a couple last night and are reminded again today how truly great it is to have them in our lives. Friendship makes burdens lighter and life fluffier! Woohooo! Get out there and make a new friend today. Who knows....maybe they'll be a friend for the rest of your life! Blessings at ya.....

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