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More vintage fun with 'new' plates!

Our trips to Canton are never the same. They're always wonderful, but in all that fun stuff you just never know what you're going to stumble upon! This trip yielded a new collection of 11 vintage cake/canape plates for upcoming weddings. Everything from early 1900's to the '60's.... Beautiful French porcelain, hand painted designs, and looks that are just perfect for the chapel. It's so fun thinking about all the special days ahead where these treasures will be used and loved at the biggest day of a bride and groom's life! Thank you, God, for providing such special pieces.

The chapel cleanup is in progress as we speak, and it's in pretty good shape, since we didn't have a wedding last weekend. Wonderful brunch yesterday with Gary and Jody, and looking forward to the fun coming up in just a few days for L&J! We're so excited about this usual! The weather is great, and we're hoping to top-dress and fertilize the roses and other plants this week. Where does the time go!??!? WEDDING HOMECOMING invitations are now in house and soon to be headed out the door. Another event we look so forward to! Even got batches of new chapel notecards....although I realized we didn't really need to re-order....I found about 150 last night from the FIRST order, so we'll not need more for QUITE a while!

What a blessed weekend from start to finish. It's so fun when all the wonderful things that happen are remembered as genuine gifts from God. He's so protective of us and this chapel, that we cannot stop being thankful. Our prayer for you today is that you will envelope your lives with His grace.

You won't be sorry! Have a wonderful day and week! So much much to be thankful for!

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