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January 24, 2016. Truly Cannot Wait!

I know this graphic is out on the blog in an earlier post, but you just cannot get it out there enough! One of our FAVORITE days of the year is coming up, and we are so excited. Wedding Homecoming Dinner is the one day of the year that all of our brides and grooms who've been married at the chapel are invited back for dinner and fun that WE get to host. The number each year just keeps growing, and it's because so many wonderful people have joined the ranks of Caliber Oak 'Alum'! :) Actual invitations are being printed from the graphic above, (designed by our very own Jaime!) but DON'T WAIT! If you know you're one of our married couples, and know you're going to be here........ God bless you! Give Miss Denise a shout at 254 760 1590 or on email at! Did I mention we can't wait to see all of you!?!?!?

Truly enjoyed our quick trip to Canton and SEVEN new antique plates have been added to the chapel collection! Each one is special and magical....and we know our brides and grooms will enjoy the addition to the weddings already planned and yet to be. Beautiful weather today, and we even got to enjoy the spa. Put a few flowering cabbage around the chapel, but tried to keep them above the bunny-rabbit feeding zone! :{ Looking forward to a fun brunch at the old chapel tomorrow and a GREAT musical worship tomorrow night. The fun never ends, and the blessings pour fourth!

We love how he directs our lives! When something looks like it's going to be magical, fun, meaningful and special....doesn't work out. It is VERY ok! He is the one who knows the final outcome.... with Knowledge we will never have...he keeps us from difficulties, trauma and even disaster. There's never room for inability to let Him show US what is supposed to happen! Blessings to all today for a GREAT weekend, and be sure to visit the Salado Christmas Stroll!!!!

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