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Summer is over the holidays are nearing!

This picture really says summer is over. The pretty cyclamen are out on the front porch of the chapel, and the lighting is darker. Every season has it's beauty and the coming of colder weather does give us a chance to have some beautiful cyclamen around the chapel and the main house. We love these plants, and they're truly a work of God's art. Every time we see one (esp this color) we are immediately taken back to an afternoon walk among the shops in Siena, Italy. Every shop seemed to have them. We're headed to the store in the next few days to get a bunch more (hopefully) since they do so well if they're kept from a hard freeze inside and aren't subject to 80 degree temps! ... Preparations begin today for the biggest wedding of the month! Can't wait to start setting up for M&T's great adventure, and we know it'll work out beautifully.

Doubt is the enemy of prayer. If we're doubting, we're not trusting...and it's tough to move the ball forward. What a great goal for today. Don't doubt! Believe! Special prayers going out to special folks today for healing, wellness and comfort. Have a great few days before the holiday season begins! Blessings to everyone!

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