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Sparkling 2-year anniversary blessings!

Hard to imagine that it's been two years already since these two were married here at the chapel. Michelle and Aaron are a special couple, and their photos show it. They're the two featured in the dusk/cool background photo elsewhere on the website. We haven't seen them lately, but hope to change that soon. Hoping they'll make it to wedding homecoming dinner, as well! They've even got a baby since this photo was taken! How amazing how quickly life marches on... Congrats to M&A!

Wow, put shorts on today....guess that wasn't such a good idea again, since it's only going to be a high of 69 degrees! Oh well, I'll change into long pants and head into town for some caulk that's needed to fix a small leak in the roof. More work to be done here today, and really enjoying Denise's schedule of working from home when she can. Fun to be together, as always.

Patience provides solutions. Sometimes, He answers our prayers immediately, and makes everything right. Then other times, we remain in faith, and he allows us the gift of grace to use our mental and reasoning facilities to work out the solution with His assistance. He's so great! Blessings to all today, and hope you have an excellent one!

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