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Cake talent like no other - our Traceylyn!

While the cake pictured here wasn't necessarily made for a person who saw it said it would be a really cool look for a wedding! That's the magic of Traceylyn Chudej's talent. Her designs are executed so flawlessly, that ideas from one cake turn into creative themes for another. Not only do the cakes look incredible, they ALWAYS taste great! We would have to say that she has done close to 100 cakes for our brides and grooms over the years, and we're always so happy to hear that a bride has selected Simply Sweet Bakery for their wedding. Since she really HAS been the cake baker for the President of the United States (I can see her blushing now)...her credentials are impeccable, and she is the #1 choice at Caliber Oak. God bless you richly, Traceylyn, as you have made the most important day of a couple's life truly magical and so much richer!

Well, since we're out of cake now....we'll move right along. Hoping to get the newest family member, Miss Alice Fleetwood, washed today. Tried to do that yesterday afternoon, but we got started with Laura's bridal photo shoot and had so much fun with that, we ended up chatting with Jennifer till later! Laura is going to be such a beautiful bride, and we cannot wait for their big day. Joey is one blessed guy!

The chapel is getting all cleaned up today and some bills need to be paid, but we're just blessed with every second we get to spend at this wonderful place.

Continued prayer with visual imagination truly helps me. When I imagined the Holy Spirit surrounding us in bed as we drifted off last night with the dogs snuggled safely...I imagined our 4-poster bed was literally a rectangular 'tank' or column...filled with the silvery shimmer of the Holy Spirit and God's blessings. Build your own visual prayertime imagining His love enrapping you right now.....cuz it is! Blessings to everyone for a 'punch and cake' kinda day!

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