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Lovin' Cap's look in this photo....

This was an out-take shot from Jordan's '5 bride extravaganza' day last year. The final take of this shot is outstanding, but this one is kind of cool, too. I love the fact that Lauren & Noelle are joking, and Jolene looks so serene.......Who knows what Brooke was doing at that point! Cap's expression is kind of wow, 5 brides at once, huh? But he doesn't look like he's not enjoying it! What a special day, and the feature on the front of our new brochure redesign. Thanks, Jordan, for all you do for our blessed chapel!

Shopping. Lots of stuff. But the great news is that the refrigerator repairman is coming to fix the ice maker leak in the chapel fridge. It'll probably be a di$a$ is usually the case with appliance repair (ref: Dishwasher '11, and range '01) but at least the thing won't fill up the fridge and freezer with ice so that it can't be opened! Kinda handy to have a fridge where you can open it!?!? Otherwise, just prep and tinkering at old chapel today.

Do not fear. He will strengthen you. The words are real, the Spirit is real, and He's right here reminding us. Rock on, ye faithful, and wrap up the week beautifully, ok? Blessings on y'all!

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