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That's a lot of dog biscuits!

And here's the faux check that was used in the photo op donation presentation recently in Austin... Gary, Jody, Denise and I enjoyed "Scenes From" in August, and this amount was raised. Lots of fun, and lots of help for this great charity.

Back home after a great visit to St. Louis with friends. Lots to do today to get ready for the big day for C&B. Thankfully, have some great help on the way this afternoon. Going to be a lovely wedding for a special couple. Unfortunately, I also think it's going to be 95 degrees! Yikes! Where's the fall-like stuff? :)

The dinner discussion last night was basically about choices... We've had that discussion many times, but it's so true. We're given the choice to do as we feel right...the joy comes in when the choices we make are in mind of His guidance. Hoping everyone has a genuinely blessed day today, and think of us while we're steaming linens! heheheh.

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