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Caitlyn & Corey! Such a special day!

The minute the silence in the chapel just as the ceremony is about to start is filled with a portable 33 1/3 RPM vinyl record of the vintage hit, "Going to the Chapel" know it's going to be special. Just one of the many touches that made this wedding so heartfelt, unique and special. Caitlyn's gown was absolutely perfect for her....and she was radiant. Corey's family were tremendous, and the whole crew is planning a target shoot day here at the chapel! Wonderful, wonderful. Congratulations to Caitlyn & Corey, and many years of tremendous blessing are our prayer for the two of you. Thank you for trusting us with your most special day!

Now that the dust has settled from this delightful wedding....everything seems to need to be watered on the hour outside! :) Chapel is getting all cleaned up today (thanks, G!) and special visitors are coming tomorrow so we can 'chill out'.... God is good. All the time.

We hear another special couple is ready to book their dream wedding here this week, and we are thankful. He sends just the right people to us...and after the wedding excitement and sacred exchange of vows....nobody here or with the bridal familes is ever quite the same. I think that's part of the blessing collection he's bestowed on us and this most special of places. God bless us, every one, as we head into another week of 100 degree days! Thank you, Lord, for A/C!

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