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We're beginning to detect a pattern, here.

One of our favorite things at weddings is the use of pattern! Frequently the setup is 2-3 base colors, which looks great...our personal favorites, however, are when our brides use their colors in specially selected patterns. The photo on today's blog is from the rehearsal dinner and reception for Whitney and Jonathan....Creative use of both her blue and green colors, and my photography doesn't do this fabric justice. It's truly neat and really livened up the look for both events...

Preparations continue for Caitlyn & Corey's wedding day, with busy preparations yesterday and today. Looks to be a truly memorable event, and the use of so many different elements really makes the room feel special. Looking forward to the wedding and reception!

Blessings continue to pour in every day, minute & hour. So very fun stopping and taking the 'little' things into consideration, and saying a prayer of thanksgiving. You for things like running water on a 105 degree day!?!?! Thank you, God! Have an excellent ending to this week!

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