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Wow...this was when grass was green!

Couldn't resist putting this photo out from Emily and John's big day at the chapel. Look at that GRASS! (I know we're supposed to be looking at them, but....) Hard to believe how recently that picture was taken, as things are quite crispy around here now. Blessings to these two, and hope all is wonderful!

Well, I think I've talked to the two brides who are most affected by it, so hopefully, I'm not letting the cat out of the bag with today's notification....our adjuster from the insurance company called today, and the damage to the limousine is total. Sadness for us, as we have had many happy memories in that wonderful well as our brides and grooms. The great news is that we're already limousine shopping. (It's kind of like buying shoes, but in a very, very large size :)) All will be wonderful, and it won't be long until "CaliberOak II" is launched here at the chapel. Blessings from God!

Christian was an incredible help yesterday in getting things ready for W&J's great adventure. Angel called today, and I'm so thankful she's catering. I love her food! (although I think it's the guests we're supposed to be focusing on!). Can't wait for the big day, and we're totally ready at this point......congrats to our special couple.

Made Noelle's eggplant parmesan last night. Excellent, but I think Cap overdid the kosher salt just a bit... Future attempts will be made! Had a great rehearsal for Scenes From II and are already looking forward to Sunday's theatrical merriment!

Blessings to all for a tremendous day. Thanks for checking the blog, and I'm always amazed when I find another person is reading it! Peace Out!

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