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Does this place give us joy?

I may have posted this picture on the blog before, but it just appealed to me all over again today. Donnica and Will hadn't been back to the chapel in quite a while when they came to Wedding Homecoming Dinner this year. The expression of pure joy on Denise's face tells me that God knew what he was doing when he built this chapel and put all of these wonderful brides and grooms in our lives. It was so fun last week on the cruise telling so many people the story of the chapel, what we do, and the pleasure it brings. It's like having lots and lots of kids who, thankfully, come back to visit often. Thank you God for this very, very special place.

Lots going on today, and I'm going to get some assistance from Christian today, who's going to help set up for Debbie & Duane's wonderful wedding. After a little morning yard work, we'll start crafting the stage for a very special ceremony and reception. Can't wait!

When my mother was still with us, during my college years, she bought a Hallmark mug that I'm drinking my coffee out of this morning. One side of the mug says "Success is doing what you love" and the other side says "Success is loving what you do". As with just about everything, Ma was right. I have looked at that mug many times in 30+ years and thought....hmmmm....Is that me right now? I don't have to ask this morning. Thanks, Ma! Love you and miss you.

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