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Incredible Day! Incredible Couple!

A day we've waited for a long time came on Saturday at our beloved chapel. Regardless of the mushy, smashy-face photo here....there was a lot of love in the place.... hehehehehhe! It was amazing. Groom was tremendous. Bride was divine. All the things we hoped for fell together, including a RAIN FREE outdoor ceremony that we really didn't think was going to happen out there at one point. Oh, and did I mention that their officiant was a total STUD and pretty much stole the show.....ok, maybe that was just in his own mind, but he was still cool. :) We can't say enough wonderful things about these two and we love them both dearly. Hard to describe how genuinely close we've become to these two, and pray for a lifetime of happiness for them. We love you, Kyra and Roberto!

So, after the smoke cleared from that excellent reception Saturday night.... Laura and Joey stopped by Sunday to book their outstanding wedding for later this year. We are loving these two already, and Joey's sense of frugality reminds me of the guy that I see in the mirror every day! :) They're great and we know they're the right blessing for each other. Planning has begun, vendors have be suggested. Let the magic begin!

Carl's bbq at the chapel this weekend was nothing short of heavenly. The pulled pork was freaking awsome, and the sausage........un. be. lievable! Miss Denise started Sunday MORNING off with a smoked italian sausage sammich, if that tells you anything. Thank God all my labs at our Salado Scott and White Clinic were completed LAST week!

Have a day, peeps. No, wait. Don't just have a day. Have a day where you don't know if you'll ever get another one. Yep. Now THAT's the day to have, non? Blessings!

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